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This album is about the canonical Blues Photo from my front page that has since been used throughout the Blues Dance world.

People have kept using this photo that Allena took in Herrang of Haley and myself, so I finally started to collect the ones I found in 2011.
I keep expecting the image to die out of the Blues conscious, but it keeps reappearing.

Generally I allow use of this image for Blues related events, all that I ask is that you tell me about the event so I can add it to this list. You should probably also credit Allena Tillman-Brown for the photo and check her copying policy as well

Actually Me
Events that I taught at that used the image
5 images
Patrick Warren's Shirts

Patrick has a shirt store with a number of dance iamges, many using the photo of Haley and I
5 images
"The Essence of Dance"
a painting based on the photo by Kelly Pavao [2009]
My hair is cut yet again. [found Drew Tronvig]
Take a look at the favicon next to the URL bar. [found Drew Tronvig]
logo has a tie-dyed version of us [found Drew Tronvig]
GOES KALLE Pe 26.4.2013 - osa II
in Helsinki
Dance Dance Resolution 2012
We are in the top right corner, my hair is cut and I'm a little sunburned, but now I'm in 8-bit!
The Completely Unofficial,
Yet Still Completely Awesome, Justin Riley Blues Fusion Weekend Workshop After Party!!
2012/06/24 in Sacramento
San Diego
Weekly Jam n' Blues Fridays
Santa Fe Weekly Practica
[Found Ashley Hansen 2011/07]
Not Back To School Camp 2013
Atomic Ballroom "Blues" 2014/08/19
[Found Alena 2016] From:
Granite City Blues in Aberdeen, UK 2015
Thursday Night Blues
with Ruth & Mike 11/20/2014 From
Ballaswing "Blues in the Night" 2015/01/31
(which I discovered when I was invited to it) From
Another "Crossroads" event,
this one in Bangkok, and coincidentally I happened to be in Bangkok and leaving the hour that this was happening, otherwise I would have actually been there. From:
a monthly dance in Atlanta (watch out for that train!) 2017 [Found Drew Tronvig]
Another mind boggling coincidence.
I run a camp at Burning Man. We have a trailer. We asked an artist, who didn't know me, to put together a partner dance image for a mural on our trailer....
..partway through the painting
I go and check on the design for the first time. And there the image is. As a total coincidence - the artist didn't even realize that it was me, and I hadn't seen the design.
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