People kept using the photo that Allena took in Herrang, so I finally started to collect the ones I found in 2011.
I keep expecting the image to die out of the Blues conscious, but it keeps reappearing.

Generally I allow use of this image for Blues related events, all that I ask is that you tell me about the event so I can add it to this list. You should probably also credit Allena Tillman-Brown for the photo and check her copying policy as well

Actually Me
Events that I taught at that used the image
5 images
Patrick Warren's Shirts

Patrick has a shirt store with a number of dance iamges, many using the photo of Haley and I
5 images
"The Essence of Dance"
a painting based on the photo by Kelly Pavao [2009]
My hair is cut yet again. [found Drew Tronvig]
Take a look at the favicon next to the URL bar. [found Drew Tronvig]
logo has a tie-dyed version of us [found Drew Tronvig]
GOES KALLE Pe 26.4.2013 - osa II
in Helsinki
Dance Dance Resolution 2012
We are in the top right corner, my hair is cut and I'm a little sunburned, but now I'm in 8-bit!
The Completely Unofficial,
Yet Still Completely Awesome, Justin Riley Blues Fusion Weekend Workshop After Party!!
2012/06/24 in Sacramento
San Diego
Weekly Jam n' Blues Fridays
Santa Fe Weekly Practica
[Found Ashley Hansen 2011/07]
Not Back To School Camp 2013
Atomic Ballroom "Blues" 2014/08/19
[Found Alena 2016] From:
Granite City Blues in Aberdeen, UK 2015
Thursday Night Blues
with Ruth & Mike 11/20/2014 From
Ballaswing "Blues in the Night" 2015/01/31
(which I discovered when I was invited to it) From
Another "Crossroads" event,
this one in Bangkok, and coincidentally I happened to be in Bangkok and leaving the hour that this was happening, otherwise I would have actually been there. From:
a monthly dance in Atlanta (watch out for that train!) 2017 [Found Drew Tronvig]
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