Why You Should Hire Us

You're a dancer and an organizer, and you're putting together an international workshop weekend, or you're just thinking about putting together some local classes.

There are teachers all across the world to choose from, so choosing your instructors can be the hardest decision you have to face, and leaving the welfare of your students in the hands of some people who may not be around tomorrow can be daunting at best.

If you're looking for someone to win a competition, then there are many competition winners available to hire - but if you're interested in making your students better dancers, then we think you should find someone who excels at teaching. We think that you should consider hiring us for that job, and here are some reasons why:

Because of what we teach:

We spend more time coming up with and testing material than we ever do teaching. That's because we are interested in deconstructing the dance and then building it back up from foundations in such a way that students can come along. We aren't interested in flash or choreography, we don't do gimmick classes. We don't teach anything unless we believe that it relates directly to what people need to learn to become better dancers on the dance floor.

Because of how we teach:

Each class is based on a single concept that we believe the students need to add, improve or simply understand in their dance. We take the students on a journey from beginning to end so that they not only have better understanding, but something to work on after we're gone.

We take the students each step of this journey, making sure everyone manages to follow along, and making sure that everyone has a great time as well. Listen in on one of our classes and you'll probably hear people laughing and having a great time, firstly because we are having a great time, but also because we've learned that people can stay engaged and remember better if they are enjoying themselves.

Because of what previous organizers/students say:

We get rave reviews wherever we go. Just see our testimonials page for some examples!

You can also see the results yourself. Musicality classes are one of the most difficult to teach due to the abstract nature of the material, but our Musicality classes get rave reviews, and you can see the difference in the dancers immediately. As an example, I took videos of my beg/int students at my Berlin workshop dancing to the same song both before and after taking our 75 min Blues Musicality class:

Because of our experience:

We've been dancing, teaching, organizing and performing for over a decade. We've taught at some of the biggest workshops in the USA and Europe over the past few years to great acclaim. We've taught everything from small workshops to new dance scenes all the way to workshops with many hundreds of dancers from around the world. If you want more information on where we've been, let us know!

Because of our commitment to the dance:

We are dancers first. Dave social dances almost every day, as he has for over a decade. All of his teaching partners are dedicated social dancers as well. Dance is their first priority, they are all organizers of events large and small, as well as venues and classes in their local scenes.

Because we can make something work for you:

We are easy to work with and are committed to the dance. We like to split our time between large events that can afford our normal prices, as well as teaching in smaller scenes for the sake of helping the dance grow.

Have a big workshop you're planning? Talk to us about adding us to the roster and we'll let you know how we can fit in.

Running a small and new scene? We can work out something that will make your numbers work and will take your dancers to the next level.

Sounds great!

All you have to do now is contact us!

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