Okay, here it is in a nutshell.

Why I am angry with "Fusion Blues":

I am angry with you, Fusion scene, not because you are at the core anti-musical (though I do think you are from a macro-musicality1 perspective).

I am angry with you, Fusion, not because you have the hubris to try to combine together dances that you haven't mastered (which you generally do)

I am angry with you, Fusion, not just because I like to argue over definitions (though I do)

I am angry with you, Fusion, because you use the word Blues, and in doing so, you continuously steal away any of the new people we manage to bring into the Blues scene with your glittering promise of a more exciting and fun and popular "Blues." This promise is a lie, because there's no Blues in your scene, really, but they don't know that.

And what's sad, dear Fusion, is that you no longer need this term, because you have grown and are ready to leave your beginnings and start your own scene and leave Blues be to grow again, but you won't let go, and so I am watching something I love die.

That is why I am angry with you, Fusion.

1 "Macro-Musicality": I 'coined' this term (I'm sure people have used it before, possibly even to mean the same term, so 'coined' is in quotes) to make a distinction between musically reacting to a moment ("micro-musicality") and musically reacting to a genre/song ("macro-musicality").

It might help to think of micro-musicality as responding to notes or tones or specific moments in music, whereas macro-musicality is the style that comes out of the music.

To further illustrate, I would claim that the dance is entirely created by the music. In other words, if we erased Tango Dancing (but not the music) from the minds of all people, then if people started experimenting with the music then they would eventually end up with the same dance. Completely. I have an excellent proof for this but it won't fit in the margin. If you want to hear it, feel free to ask me on the dance floor (or even better, hire me to teach your scene why this is so.

But this is important because, if we realize that Music 'X' has created Dance 'X', then it means that if we do Dance 'Y' to Music 'X' then we are not listening to the music. You can have all sorts of musical moments due to micro-musicality, and you can impress many dancers alike, but in the end, you are ignoring what the music really wants you to do - something that would take generations and thousands of dancers to figure out, you are simply tossing that aside.

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