The phrase "Blues Dancing" means many things.
This is what it means to us.

The following recordings are all social dances or social dance performances (non-choreographed) that I've captured on video.

If you have trouble watching these videos, you can check out lower resolution versions at our youtube page.

Dave and Tina Donth
at Austin Blues Party 2011 (sorry about the background noise)
2011/07 [Video, 32M]
2010 Intro to Blues workshop
Both before and after a Musicality class
Notice in the "before" clip how the dancers are pulsing regardless of the music.
Notice the difference only one hour later - the students are pausing when the music pauses! The big payoff is at 38s.
Are you an organizer? Want your students to start learning how they can connect to their partners and to the music? If this is only one hour, imagine what a weekend workshop will do!
Dave and Lessa
at Blues Rising
2007/03 [Video, 1.9M]
Dave and Julie Brown
at Austin Blues Party 2011
2011/07 [Video, 27M]
Dave and Haley
Feelin' Good
2007/11 [Video, 5.2M]
Dave and Mike T. Girl
at Austin Blues Party (to Porterdavis, "Hey Now Jack")
2009/07 [Video, 30M]
Dave and Ursula
St. James Infirmary
(teaching in Cambridge)
2008/05 [Video, 9M]
Dave and Ursula
Summertime by Gene Harris
(teaching in Cambridge)
2008/05 [Video, 17M]
Dave and Beth
at Blues Rising
2007/03 [Video, 1.6M]
Dave and Haley
St. James Infirmary
2007/11 [Video, 2.5M]
Dave and Michelle
at Cellspace
2007/02 [Video, 4.4M]
Students before my Musicality class
(2012 Berlin workshop - song: "I Live The Life I Love")
Students after my Musicality class
(notice the difference! This was a 75min Beg/Int class) - my narcissistic home page. It don't mean a thing..